Tama University Center for Social Investment (CSI)

CSI is the first Do&Think Tank that solely focuses on social finance.  Established in June, 2018 as one of research institutions of Tama University, CSI is working to promote social finance in Japan through various kinds of programs from academic research and MBA education to seminars, workshops and consulting. Our vision is to build the sustainable, equitable, and prosperous society through developing the powerful ecosystem of social finance in Japan.  In order to realize our vision, CSI partners with major institutions and professionals of social finance both in Japan and abroad.



CSI’s main interest is how to establish the powerful enabling ecosystem for social finance in Japan.  With this main focus in mind, CSI is making research on the following fields:

  • Impact investing
  • Outcome based funding from social impact bond (SIB), environmental impact bond (EIB), or pay for success bond (PFS)
  • Strategic philanthropy
  • Impact measurement and reporting
  • Impact management strategy
  • Innovative finance schemes from quasi-equity to crowdfunding, smart impact bond, and SDG finance

Education and training

CSI is in charge of Impact Business Field of Tama Graduate School of Busines.  Present courses available are:

  • NPO finance
  • Social finance
  • Tri-sector leadership management 
  • Venture CFO training 
  • Social business
  • Practicum for social business
  • Community revitalization and development

Seminars and workshops

CSI holds regular seminar series called “Impact Salon”, which is a unique learning and networking opportunity for social finance professionals with various backgrounds from finance and CSR/CSV to public policy, impact measurement and reporting, fund raising and social ventures.  In order to respond to their interests, CSI provides latest trends and innovations in social finance, in collaboration with many thought leaders and pioneering practitioners from various fields.  Major topics include, but not limited to:

  • Blockchain for social impact
  • SDG impact
  • Banking on values
  • Impact finance and analysis
  • Retail impact investing 
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Smart impact bond
  • Impact token economy
  • Innovative local finance
  • Strategic philanthropy and its enabling ecosystem


As the first Do&Think Tank in social finance, CSI tries its best to engage professionals and organizations in this field, and to establish a vital and active community through networking.  As part of this efforts, CSI appoints nearly 30 professionals with various backgrounds as visiting researchers, and works with them to promote social finance ecosystem in Japan.

Other services

In addition to the programs mentioned above, CSI provides consulting services as well as impact measurement and reporting, customized training programs, seminars and workshops and commissioned researches.  


If you are interested in our programs and services, please contact us through inquiry form.